Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My favourite webs

Media & Politics:

www.libertaddigital.com The truth about Spain and the current socialist led onslaught on of peace and prosperity? They really call a spade a spade. Stimulating and provocative.
www.fundacionfaes.es Conservative/Libertarian think tank. The enlightened centre.
www.reason.com Free minds and free markets!
www.mises.org A tribute to one of the staunchest defenders of freedom and a beacon light to those who strive for liberty around the globe.
www.indegayforum.org An alternative to politically correct gay leninism.
www.brucebawer.com A thorn in the queer left's side, and a courageous, honest intellectual.
http://dir.salon.com/topics/camille_paglia/index.html?ti=13 Camille Paglia is always a source of inspiration. May she live a thousand years!
www.foxnews/oreilly Gutsy, charismatic and very much full of himself. Some of us would love to hate him, but he is just too damn good at what he does.


www.escuelademeditacion.com The sage Juan Manzanera trying to make the world a better, more compassionate place for us all.