Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cosas de la iglesia de Palin

Por lo visto, Obama no es el único que debería explicar su relación con pastores tarados:

Just as Barack Obama was forced to answer questions about Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Palin should have to answer questions about controversial statements made in her current and former church.
On Aug. 17 of this year, Palin was in the pews at the Wasilla Bible Church, when a visiting speaker, who has been widely criticized by the Anti-Defamation League, made controversial statements about Jews.
David Brickner, the founder of Jews for Jesus, which aims to convert Jews to Christianity, told congregants that terrorist attacks on Israel were God's "judgment" of Jews who haven't embraced Christianity.
The pastor of her former church, Assembly of God, which she still visits, has damned Democrats. Pastor Ed Kalnin implied in 2004 that church members who vote for John Kerry for president would go to hell. "I question your salvation," he said. This week the church issued a clarification saying Kalnin was only "joking" when he suggested "Kerry supporters would go to hell."

Teresa Puente en el Chicago Sun-Times

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