Thursday, December 06, 2007

Premios de la Red Estocolmo

Estos son los ganadores de los premios paraguas de oro de la Red Estocolmo. Algunos de ellos me parecen especialmente interesantes, y elogiables:

The Award for the Best Think Tank in New Market Economies
Free Minds Association in Azerbaijan

The Award for the Best Contribution to Free Market Thinking
Jose Pinera, former secretary of Labour and Social Security in Chile

The Best New Think Tank Award
European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) in Brussels

SN Think tank of the year award
Institute for Market Economics (IME) in Bulgaria

The personality of the year award
Prof. Atila Yayla, Political Scientist and President of the Association for Liberal Thinking in Turkey

The internet Award
Institute of Economic and Social Studies in Slovakia

The Award for Best Research
Istituto Bruno Leoni in Italy

The Innovation Award
Taxpayers’ Alliance in London

The Media Award
Institute for Market Economics (IME) in Bulgaria

Más información y vínculos con los ganadores en el blog político Three Line Whip del Telegraph.

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